1.8.5 Combination Verification

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The  device  supports  up  to  20  verification  modes,  including  FACE&PIN/FP/RF/PW 、 FP&PW 、 FP&RF 、 FACE&FP 、 FACE&PW 、  FACE&RF、FP、PW、RF、FACE&PIN、FP/RF、PW/RF、FP/PW、PW&RF、  PIN&FP 、 FP&PW&RF 、 PIN&FP&PW 、 FP&RF/PIN 、 FACE&FP&RF 、 FACE&FP&PW  etc.  For  the  detail,  please  refer  to  Appendix  4 Multi­combination Authentication Mode.

 Note: RF means ID card verification. Only the products with the built­in ID card module support the ID card verification.

Here is the combination verification operation; we will use the FACE&FP verification for an example. If you verify the fingerprint first and then the face, the operations are as follows.
(1) The default main interface is the fingerprint verification mode, see the figure below.
(2) Press your finger on the fingerprint sensor by adopting the proper finger placement. For details, see 1.3 Finger Placement. 

(3)  If  the  verification  is  successful,  the  device  will  enter  the  1:1  face recognition mode.  Compare the face in  a proper  way.  For details,  see 1.1 Standing Position, Posture and Face Expression. 
(4)  If  the  verification  is  successful,  the  device  will  prompt  “Verified”.  The system will return to the main interface if the verification is not passed within 20 seconds.
Otherwise, the FACE&FP combination verification can perform such as FACE (1: N) + FP, PIN + FACE (1:1) + FP, PIN + FP (1:1) + FACE etc. The operation is similar to the procedure introduced before.