2.1.4 U Flash Disk Management

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In general, you can use RS232, Ethernet, RS485 and other way to download data When if it is difficult to communication or fail to communicate, you can use U flash disk to upload or download employee’s information and fingerprint, save these downloading data in the software.Choose the System Option from the Maintenance /Option menu; put
tick in USB Manage in “Function Option” pagination, so USB Disk Manage in the data menu become valid. Because the machine type is different, the data construction which has been downloading to U flash disk also is different, so before using the USB Disk Manage, firstly choose the machine type you use.


After choosing, press the [OK] to enter USB Disk Manage, maybe the  error occur while download data is downloading cause of the mistake  choice.
If multiple USB flash disks are available, enter the Select U Disk  interface.2

If  only  one  USB  flash  disk  is  available,  enter  the  USB  flash  disk  management interface directly.

Import user data to PC

Select  put  U  flash  disk  into  the  USB  slot  of  the  fingerprint  device,  choose  “Menu”­>”U  flash  disk  management“­>“Download  User  Data”,  Press  “OK”,  when  the  window  inform  that  system  copy  data  successfully, take out U flash disk, and then plug it into PC USB slot.  Start  software,  then  click  “Data”­>”USB  Disk  Manage”,  choose  “Import user data”. Following interface will appear.


The current user data file which have been in U flash disk will display in  “check rec Info” left column, after choose this file, click [Import user  data]  button,  system  will  import  data,  this  data  will  display  in  the  middle list to inform that download data successfully.
Delete data from U Disk: Erase all data from the U flash disk.
Remove List: Clear employee’s information in the current list.
Refresh: Refresh employee’s information in the current list
Import from local disk: Import user data from PC other disk.
Export User Data to U flash disk
Export  user  data  in  the  software  to  U  flash  disk  for  saving  it  or  transferring other Device, here you can select user you want to upload,  shown as following figure.


You  can  view  all  employee  information  in  the  left  employee  brown  column; click the button for moving data in the middle area to import  data Export User data area.
5Move all record in the left side Export User Data area.
6Move  the  employee that  has been  selected  to Export  User Data  area.
7 Remove all record in right side from Export User Data area.
8 Remove the employee that has been selected to Export User Data  area.

Import the record data to PC
Plug  U  flash  disk  into  Device,  select  Menu­>U  flash  Disk  Management­>Download record data, Press “OK”, and the window  will inform that download data successfully. Take out U flash disk from  Device,  then  plug  it  into  USB  slot  of  PC,  click  Data­>  USB  Disk  Manage and select Record data import pagination, shown as following  interface.


The information of user data which has been saved in U Flash disk will  display in the left side Require Export Data list. Choose this file, Click  [Import the rec from U Disk] button, system will import data, these  data  will  display  in  the  middle  list  to  inform  that  download  datasuccessfully.
Del Data From U Disk: Erase all data from the U flash disk
Clear List: Clear short message in the current list.
Refresh: Refresh Employee’s information in the current list.
Import from local: Import user data from other disk of PC.
Import Short Message

Plug  U  flash  disk  into  Device,  select  Menu­>  U  flash  Disk  Management­> Download SMS, Press “OK“, the window will inform  that  download  data  successfully.  Take  out  U  flash  disk  from  Device,  then plug it into USB slot of PC, click Data­> USB Disk Manage and  select Import SMS pagination, shown as following interface


Click  “Import  Short  SMS  from  U Disk“,  the  data  will be  imported  system, after import data successfully, this total of data will display in  the  following  prompt,  all  content  of  short  message  which  has  been  imported will display on the Add new rec to Local: Add the short message which has not existed in  the software into the software.  Overwrite the Local data: Use the imported data to overlay the data in  software.  Del Data From U Disk: Cancel the short message data in the U flash  disk.  Clear List: Clear the short message in current list.  Refresh: Refresh Short message in the current list.
Export short message

Export  short  message  in  the  software  to  U  flash  disk  or  upload  this  message to other Device, here, may select this short message you want  to upload, shown as following figure.

You can view all short message in the software from the left side column,  this short message still exist in the “SMS” after it is selected, when if  there are lot of short message to search for, you many utilize following  way to find it, such as short message serial No., content, Public short message, User short message.
Select To List: Choose the SMS that want to be uploaded, click [Select  To List] button, the record will be move to right side list.
Select all to List: Choose and remove all SMS in the system to right  side list.
Clear List: Erase all record in the right side list, it is unable to upload  the SMS or reselect the SMS to upload.
Clear  Selected  List:  Choose  this  record  which  doesn’t  need  to  be  uploaded, and then click this button to clear the record from this list, and  then this SMS will be deleted from the right side list.
Note: this function is valid only for the machine with U flash disk
Images taken into machine
U will  be  preserved  after  the  attendance  photos  downloaded  to  the  software (download only the attendance by the photo, that is, after the U  pass  in  a  folder  of  all  the  photos).  Attendance  blacklist  photos  “bad  folder of all the photos” can only be read after the U.

Import machine photographs: U session will be kept by the attendance  through the photos, download software to view.  U­Data:  delete  U  intraday  attendance  through  the  preservation  of  the  photos.

Note:  The  software  supports  attendance  cameras  can  use  this  feature  .

Import Images that is taken by machine Download the attendance checking photo contained by the U flash disk  to the software (only the attendance photo is available to download, that  is all the photos in a passed folder). Attendance blacklist photos “all the  photos in the bad folder” can only be read through the U flash disk.


Import Images: downloaded the attendance photos in the U flash disk  to software to view.
Delete Data from U disk: delete passed attendance checking photos in  the U flash disk.

Note:  The  software  supports  attendance  cameras  can  use  this  feature.

Export User’s Photo to the USB disk

Export the user’s photo in the software to the USB disk for storage or  upload  the  user’s photo  to  other  device.  Select the  user’s photo  to  be  uploaded, as shown in the figure below.


On the left of the employee information view column, in the User list  that  have  photo,  select  employees  by  department.  Click  the  move  buttons on the middle to transfer the user’s photo to be exported to the  “Export User’s Photo to the USB disk” area on the right.
5 transfer all the selected records from the left to the “Export User’s  Photo to the USB disk” area
6transfer the selected record from the left to the “Export User’s Photo  to the USB disk” area
7remove all the selected records from the “Export User’s Photo to the  USB disk” area
8remove  the  selected  record  from  the  “Export User’s Photo  to  the  USB disk” area

Import User’s photo

Import the user’s photo stored in the USB disk to the software.


The left column of the page displays the user’s information and photo  stored in the existing USB disk. Select the photo and click Import. The  system starts to import the photo.
Refresh: update the display of the USB disk drive and the user’s photo in  the list
Import: import the user’s photo in the USB disk to the computer
Del user’s Photo in the disk: delete user’s photo in the disk


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