2.2.1 Department Management 

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This  module  provide  with  convenient  to  manage  each  department,mainly  add,  cancel  department,  enroll  employee,  for  more  detail  as  following Click on the “Department list” sub­item  on the  menu “Maintenance  /Setup“, the windows appear:

In adding department, you first left­click the superior department of the  new  department,  click  on  the  “Add”  button,  input  the  name  of  new  department in the dialog box, click “OK” to save.

In  deleting  department,  you  only  firstly  left­click  the  department  selected,  click  the  “Delete”  button,  and  select  “Yes”  in  the  display  caution box, OK. If you want to  modify a  department’s subordination relationship,  first  selected the department to modify by left­click, hold, and drag the name  within  the  new  superior  department.  Then  follow  the  instruction  to  operate. Click on the “Employeed’ button. The following appear

Employees  in the Employees  list  are  those  who  don’t  belong  to  any  department, that is, who  have left their  posts. This is the same as on  leave No salary  In the list  of employees select those  employees that your department  wants  to  employ,  and  click  “Add”  button,  and  then  those  selected  employees will be added into your department.  In  the  box  of Our  Department’s  Employees  select  those  employees  that will leave  your  department, and  click  “Remove”  button,  and  the  select employees will leave your department (leave their posts).  After  operations, click  “Close”  button  or  to  return to  Department  Management main Window


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