2.2.10 Database Option

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The  system  adopts  Microsoft  ADO  database  interface,  default  single  Access2000  database,  filename  is  att2000.mdb,  and  you  can  set  up  database link according with real situation.  When  system  appear  following  error  prompt,  you  need  modify  you  database link setup


Connect Microsoft Access databases 
1)  Select  “Maintenance/Options”  menu,  click  Database  Option  sub­item, the following window pop­up


Chose  Provider  pagination,  then  select  Microsoft  Jet  4.0  OLE  dB  Provider;
2)  Click  “Next”  button  to  enter  next  step,  or  click  Connection pagination to enter following window:


Click “4” button, select database filename.

A: For a single computer

Through the pop­up menu of File Manager, attach it in the attendance  database  file.  The  default  file  path  is  C:\ProgramFiles\ZKTime5.0\Att2000.mdb Click  “Test  Connection”  button,  if  the  prompt  inform  you  the  connection is successful, that means that the software have been create  link between databases, shown as following figure:


User may use the password to guarantee databases security, if you do  not want to input password, please remove tick from “Blank password”,  put the tick in the password input box, click “OK” to enter next, Shown  as following figure


B: For a Network

For instance, three Time Attendance systems are linked together, with  their computers labeled with Computer1, Computer2, and Computer 3  respectively  and  Computer1  is  the  host.  First,  make  the  installation directory  of  the  attendance  system  on  Computer1  to  share  with  other  computer, and grant Computer2 and Computer3 to read­write and access  Computer1 is available. The Database link on Computer1 is pointed to  the local Time  Attendance  database, and  database link  on Computer2  and Computer3 is pointed to the database on Computer1. Thus the three  machines are able to share data.

Link to SQL Server

If  you  want to  use a network  database, first you should  establish the  Fingerprint Attendance System database on the database server. In the  installation directory of this Time Attendance system, you can find a file  with the name of sqlserver.sql, which is the SQL script for establishing  the Fingerprint Attendance System database on Microsoft SQL Server  7.0. If you are using other database server, please refer to this document  to establish the Fingerprint Attendance System database.  Provider  Select  Microsoft  OLE  DB  Provider  for  SQL  Server  click  “Next” button or click “Connection” pagination to enter the following  window:


Defined  Name  of  the  server  which  store  up  the  database  severs  information  and  database  you  login.  Click  “OK”  button  to  complete  setting

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