2.2.2 Employee Maintain

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Select the “Maintenance/Setup“, click Employee Maintenance item,  open  “Employee  list“,  within  this  window,  maintenance  employee’s various information and attendance setting. Through the employee list  you can view the department the employee belongs to, here to view and  modify employee’s information is available, at here attendance setting  privilege is superior to Assign Employee Schedule.


The window of Employee List divided into two parts.  1. The upper half part is employee list, list columns show employees all  information,  including  the  registration  number  (AC­No.),  name,  title,  No., Finger Count V9.0Finger Count V10.0 and so on. The 9.0 and  10.0 are the algorithm version number. The bottom of the employee list  has a line of statistics; the statistics of each column corresponds to the  sum of the values. The first column show total number about employee.

2.  The  lower  half  part  is  the  currently  selected  employee’s  various  information and can be modified, Have three paginations, click the page  tag at the bottom can enter different page.  User can use Search function to search employee when the employee are excessive. Input query condition into the box, click “Search” button  to see the result.
Note: Click each column name can sort list by it.

1. Employee Maintenance Must  fill  the  blank  of  the  employee’s  information  list  with  the  employee’s name, enrolling number, according to the actual need you  can add other information about employee.
Note:  it  is  different  with  old  software,  we  have  increased  a  new  function in Maintenance/Options item , the User number distinguish  from enrolling number, the enrolling number is suit for Device, and  according to normal Device, the enrolling number don’t more than  65535 ,but the user number have not limit to its size number.
1). Addition New Employee 
When  usual  execute  this  management  program  at  first  time,  after  registering the user in the Device, than directly downloads it to software,  and revise name, as well as save it, upload it the machine to use again.
If have to directly add the employee in software, in order to guarantee  the  user  information  and  the  fingerprint  or  the  card    one  to  one  correspondences, connect with Device to go on the real­time registration  fingerprint and the card is available in this interface. After connects the  Device,  every  time  while  add  a  employee  the  corresponding  person’s  fingerprint  or  the  card  will  be  registered  simultaneously.  Avoids  the  trouble  which  the  fingerprint  or  the  card  and  the  personnel  does  not  correspond appears.

A. registration fingerprint
Fingerprint  device
:  Register  the  fingerprint  with  the  standalone  fingerprint Machine.
Under in “Fingerprint manage” drag­down box, choose the fingerprint  device that have attached to system, after connects successfully, starts to  add the employee. Select the department which the employee is at, after  click  ”  ”  button,  input  employee’s  register  number,  name  and  other  related information. Single­click “register” button to start the fingerprint  registration.
Sensor: Register the fingerprint through the on­line fingerprint device to  t.
Attention: when you choose fingerprint sensor to enroll, there are two
choice: ZkFinger9.0 and ZkFinger10.0, for the operation detail refer to Appendices 3.8 How to Generate License Files.
Sensor Registration flow:
Single­click “Enroll” button, shown as figure:

Start to register, click any finger in the interface with the  mouse, the  fingerprint Device that has been connecting with is in the registration  condition:

Attention: You can choose to enroll duress fingerprint, but it is only effect when the device supports the function, otherwise it is just a general fingerprint.

Follow  prompts  or  press fingerprint  on  sensor  face  of  the  fingerprint  device  or  fingerprint scanner,  after  press 3  times, prompt inform  you  registers  successfully,  then  fingerprint  registration  finish.  If  want  to  backup  fingerprint for system,  chooses a finger registration. After the  registration complete, press “OK” to return add the employee interface,  continue to add the employee.

B.  Registration card
Under  “Fingerprint  device”  drag­box,  choose  the  Device  with  radio  frequency card function, after connects successfully, and starts to add  the employee. Selects department which the employee is at, Click ” 2”  button,  wave  the  card  which  want  to  be  registered  on  the  radio  frequency card machine, after waving the card, this employee’s register number  and  the  card  number  can  display  the  corresponding  card  the  information,  according  to  needs  to  change  the  serial  number  and  the  name, the card  number  do  not change at random.  The  card number’s  length is 10. The cursor locates in the name column.


If want to add  new employee, press ”  ” button to repeat above  this  operation.

2)Add Batch Employees:  When  some  departments  enroll  a  lot  of  employee,  you  can  use  this  function  to  add  employees,  lighten  an  operator  work.  E.g.,  a  lot  of  employees want to be added to the FAE  department, first select FAE  department;  click  on  the  “Add  batch  employees”  button,  the  adding  batch employees’ window appears.
A. If there are not employees in this department, the following appear

B. If there are employees in the department, the following appear

The  backup  data  of  employees  witch  select  from  FAE  department  display on the left­up corner, if the new added employees and selected  employees own the same the shift and attendance setup, left­click “Copy  selected employee att options and schedule“, if there are other same  field, select relating to fields from the Select fields to be copied list. AC­No  batch  increase  that  department  on  adding  batch  employee.  Through the “*” Number pattern, it is easy to add employee’s AC­No.
Number  pattern:  That  means  AC­No’s  format,  for  example,  the  employee’s AC­No of this department is the figure 1 at the first, and its  pattern is 1***, input 1″*” to the Number pattern box, and input 3 to  the Wildcard “(*)” length box. The window display following:


Wildcard “(*)” length: That is  mean, how  many  figure the Number  pattern has. E.g. the forward section of the AC­No is 1***, its Wildcard “(*)” length is 3, if the AC­No is 1**, so its Wildcard “(*)” length is 2.  After the Wildcard “(*)” length has been defined; by use the “From”  box, “To” box to create AC­No range. E.g. create the AC­No range from  106 to118; input 6 to “From” box, import 18 to “To” box, the Wildcard  “(*)” length is 2, but from 6 to 9 width is one figure. At this condition,  the system will add zero automatically. Shown as following interface:


Click on the “OK” button, add employees, and click on the “Cancel”  button, return the Employee List interface.

3)Modify Employee
Do not modify Employee’s AC­No. Avoid there information don’t match  corresponding  information  in  the  Device.  Select  the  employee,  enter  new data in the corresponding input box, and then press “Save” button  to save.

4)Transfer Employee
Click  the  ”  10”  button  to  transfer  employees  from  one  department  to another department and this dialog box will pop­up


In  the  box  of  Fold  Department  select  the  department  to  add  new  employee in, and click “OK” to transfer

5) Employee’s layoff 
Some employees may remain in the company, but who don’t belong to  any department now, which is similar to the currently quite popularized  lay­off  phenomenon.  Leaving­post  employees  can  be  re­employed through  Employ  Employee  in  Department  Management.  Click  ” 12 ” button to present this dialog box the employee, or “Cancel” to  cancel this action.


Press “Yes” button to layoff the employee, or press “No” to abandon this  action.

6) Import user data
Import user data from the local disk.

Click “  14“ button, and the Import User Data interface pops up.

Click Import button, then the Import data wizard interface pops up.  Then, add the user data stored in the local disk.


7) Face group 

To use a face device and enter a face group, proceed as follows: Click  “ 17“,  and  select  the  users  who  have  registered  faces  for grouping.  For  the  users  who  have  not  registered  any  face,  do  not  perform this operation.

2. Right shortcuts key operation 

Right  click  a  region  of  the  Employee  List  to  Export  Data  (export  employee’s basic information), production report is available; entire rank  data also can be hideaway or showed in the current interface. Shown as  following figure:

Export  Data:  Export  all  employees’  information  of  the  current  department. Operation step like as Time Attendance port.
Create report for current grid: All employees’ information in current  department will display by report form. The operating method likes to  export the data in Time Attendance report.
Save Grid layout: After change setting of data rank, save the data rank  setting, it is allowed to use after through directly write down the data  rank setting.
Show all columns: After click this option, employee’s all information  appears.
Hide all columns: After using this option, employee’s all information  will be hided.  Columns: Show the name of composition rank of employee information  in the employee view. Move the cursor to the columns of the data, as  shown in the diagram below the drop­down menu popup:

As shown in the figure, the drop­down menu to display is the employee  of all field information, the user can click the appropriate field tick show,  do not hit the hook is not displayed.
3.  Click  Department  setting  button  “ 21“,  it  is  allowed  to  set  the department  setting.  Its  method  is  the  same  with  the  operation  in  department management.
4. Click the pagination label of Addition. The windows will appear asfollow:


Addition  page  can  enter  the  employee  is  more  important  related  information, select department, selected employee, in the field column  input information content input column type, content, and then save the  input information can be.

5. AC Options (Attendance rule option)

Click the pagination label of AC Options. The windows will appear as  follow figure:


Active AC: The item means weather the attendance is valid, if this item  is defined, the employee will be accounted and statistic attendance in  accordance  with  the  attendance  rule  and  other  select item,  otherwise,  this employee doesn’t need to keep the attendance record, and regard his  record as normal on­duty, E.g. A leader of the department doesn’t go to  attendance, but his attendance is accounted on normal duty.
Count OT: Sign this item, counted by the employee over time.
Reset on Holidays: Sign  this item,  the employee will have a rest on  holiday,  if  the  employee  is  on  duty,  it  will  be  signed  to  over  time.  Otherwise, the employees have to be on duty, if the employee is off duty,  he will be accounted to absent.
Check  Clock  In/  Check  Clock  Out:  This  item  can  control  the  employee must check­in or check­out, the setup privilege in the item is  super than it in the shift schedule.

Employee Time Attendance setting

Click “ 24“ button; enter employee’s Time Attendance setting widows, shown as following widows


The  operation  is  same  as  2.2.6  Employee  Schedule.  Here  not  restatement.


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