2.2.4 Maintenance Timetables

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Before Maintenance Shift Schedules, the Timetables must be set up to complete, select “Maintenance/Options” menu, click on the ” Maintenance Timetables” in the main menu, can set Timetable which is used to arrange employees shift, the interface is following
1If you has not set the shift schedule while set the Timetable, the system  will auto-­prompt you should go on shift scheduled management setting,  shown as following figure.
2A. Click “Cancel” button, return main menu windows
3B.  Click  on  “OK”  button,  start  to  set  Time  Period,  the  window  is  following.
4Setting the On/Off duty times in this organization, follow the guide to  set Timetable and shift schedule.

According to the company real condition, the method of onduty and offduty is selected, is twice attendance (On duty in morning. Off duty in afternoon.), or is four times (On duty and Off duty in morning and afternoon.), input correspond to onduty and offduty time, click “Cancel” button, return main windows click “Next” button to continue setting.

If chose twice attendance, click “Next” button to continue setting, the window is following.
5This windows may set the beginning times for C/In and C/Out, definite  the time range of clock­in(C/In) and clock­out(C/Out), and whether at  this time employee must be C/In and C/Out, if want to select this item,  just put tick in the selection box, also can set different option depending  on  different  department  and  employee,  click  “Next”  the  window  is  following
6On the window, set regard as coming lately time and regard as leaving  early time, click on “Next” button to enter next window.
7On the window, the system prompt that it will add a timetable named  “Daytime” and a shift schedule named “Normal”. If before operation  had  chosen  “On  duty  and  Off  duty  in  morning  and  afternoon”.  System will add two new Timetables; each is “A.M” and “P.M”. There  are three options on the window, according to need to select, and then  click on “Finish” button, and complete setup. User can chose “Assign  this schedule shift to employees who has not assigned any schedule”  or  “Assign  this  shift  schedule  to  ever  department  as  default  schedule”,  click  on  “Finish”  button,  enter  period  of Shift  Timetable  Maintenance window.
8The Shift Timetable Maintenance interface may be divided into two parts, left part mainly are the Shifts Timetable list, right side is the Shift Timetable management. May add, delete,and revise Shift Timetable.

Add: Singleclick “Add” button to add a new Timetable, then input the Timetable name, On Duty Time/Off Duty Time, recording the time as coming lately (Late Time (Mins)), recording the time as leaves early (Leave Early Time (Mins)), etc. The Time Attendance record is the effective record only within the hour of Clocking in/out; take these recording as standard to statistics logs. Simultaneously definite this Timetable, whether employee must Clock in/out or not. The input time format is hh:mm, which separately corresponds the hour, the minute.

Delete:  Selects the Timetable which has already existed, singleclick “Delete” button to delete the Timetable which has been selected.

Save: Singleclick “Save” to renew, when revised or add a Timetable, clicks this button to save the Timetable setting information.

The field of meaning in Timetable settings
Late Time (Mins): As above figure show, the setting value is 5 minutes,  Illustration’s On  Duty  Time  is  09:00. E.g.  A.  Clock  In  at 09: 03,  B.  Clock In at 09: 07, so the A is not coming late, because he check­in time  is not over 5  minute, the B is coming late  for 7  minutes, because he  check­in time is over for 2 minute.
Leave Early Time (Mins): It is the same as Late Time, depend on the  difference between the clocking out time and the Off Duty Time.
Beginning  /Ending  In:  Must  input.  Within  check­in  range  of  This  Timetable  the  record  regard  as  validity,  outside  this  scope  checking  record is the invalid record.
Beginning/Ending  out:  Must  input.  Within  check­in  range  of  This  Timetable  the  record  regard  as  validity,  outside  this  scope  checking  record is the invalid record. Begin and End Clocking out time can not  overlay.
Count  as  workday:  Refers  to  each  Shift  record  how  many  working  days, if here the value has been set, the program will defer to the setting  value to statistics working day, otherwise according to Time Attendance  rule in option statistics.
Count as minute: The period of this Timetable will be recorded how  long time in the Report, may set it by user. For example: a Timetable’s  reality length is 9 hours, may record it as 8 hours, also records in the  Report this Timetable is 8 hours.
Must C/In and Must C/Out: According to the different post and the  different request may definite the Shift Timetable whether has to check  out/in.
Change  the  Display Color: May change  each Shift  Timetable color,  used to differentiate each different Shift. Just left­click the color with the  mouse, the color will be modified.


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