2.2.5 Management Shift Schedules

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After  setting  Timetable,  Be  able  to  set  Shift  Schedule,  Select  “Maintenance/Options” menu, click “Management Shift Schedules” sub­-item, and then you can enter shift menu with the following window:


This interface may be divided into Shift name and Shift Timetable, the  Shift name box include Shift Name, Shift Beginning Data, Shift Cycle NumShift Cycle Unit.

Name: The shift name can’t be repeated, and all the fields in the form can’t be empty.

Beginning  Data:  Application  Beginning  Date  is  in  the  form  of  yyyy­mm­dd,  for  example,  November  the  15 th ,  2003  is  recorded  as  2003­-11-­15, and March the 6 th , 2003 is recorded as 2003­-03-­06.

Cycle Num: Shift cycling periodicity = Cycle Num * Cycle Unit.

Cycle Unit: Cycle unit consist of day, week, months

Shift Management Tool Bar to add,  cancel, modify shift. Under the
status of adding or editing shifts (when “2” button is valid), you
may Add/Edit/Delete Shift Time Periods.

Add: Single­click “3“button to add a new Shift, the blank
Shift Timetable will appear in the right side, then click “4
button, following window will pop up:


Select a Timetable which has been setup in down­drag menu, add shift  Timetable directly. Which day are you on duty, you make a mark  on  the day you selected. At same time sign the day as over time or not, then  click “OK” button to save setup, click on “Cancel” button to give up the  action.
Delete Shift: Choose a Shift that want to be deleted, click”6” button to delete.

Edit: Choose a Shift that want to be edited, click  “2“to edit.

Delete  Time  Period:  Click  on  “6” button,  selected  Time Period will be deleted.
Save: After a Shift has been edited or added, click “8“button tosave related information.


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