2.2.6 Employee Schedule

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If employee has not been scheduled, then at finally system is unable to  statistic the Time Attendance records, if a employee did not belong to  shift  the  system    will  be  unable  to  distinguish  his  Time  Attendance  record which was goes to work or gets off work, and fail to count his  Time Attendance.
After  setting  the  Timetable  and  the  Shift  Management,  Select  Maintenance/Options  menu,  click  “Employee  Schedule“,  open  the  window  of  Schedule  Employee’s  AC  Here,  you  can  maintain  data  related to employee’s shifts.


Left side of the page demonstrates that shift schedule depending on the  department.  Click  department  name  with  mouse,  can  show  all  employees and its Shift Schedule in the right side employee module.

1. Assign Employee Shift by department 
According  to  the  different  department’s  characteristic  to  assign employee shift, Single­click Department Schedule button  on the left angle, the following dialog box appears

Default  schedule:  Select  a  shift  from  down­drag  menu,  make  it  as  default Shift which is used for enrolling new employee, after enrolling  new employee it will give new employee a shift.

May used schedules: Able to display name of current setup shift in the shift  schedule  list,  when  arrange  department  shift,  the  shift  will  not  display list until selected shift.

2. Normal Assign employee Shift 

The part of the page in right side is the assignment employee shift the  module. Assign employee shift not only individual all, but also by the  batch.  Click  “all  choice”  button  to  assign  all  employees  shift.  in  the  employee’s list interface, hold down the “Ctrl” key and with the mouse  single­click the employee to complete the  multiple­choice, choose the  employee  who  needs  to  be  assigned  to  shift  ,then  click  Arrange Employee’s  shifts  button  “2“,  the  following  interface appears:


Clock in/out: May set whether employee has to Clock in/out, according  to the corresponding time Period to judge whether need to  Clock in/out the setting privilege in this project is higher than one in Shift Timetable  setting.

Attendance Active: Refers whether Time Attendance is effective or not,  after choosing this item, according to the Time Attendance rule and the  shift schedule, total of Time Attendance record is available, otherwise,  this employee will not participate in Time Attendance,  whose records  regard as normal work. For example some leaders do not need to count  the Time Attendance for normally go to work.

Count OT: After choosing this item, ability to calculate this employee’s  working overtime.

Holiday: After choosing this item, this time the employee who has been  assigned shift will rest in the holiday, if he/she will go to work, his/her  record  will  regard  as  working  overtime,  otherwise,  this  time  the  employee who has been assigned shift have to go to work in the holiday,  if he/she does not go to work, his/her record will regard as absence from  work without an excuse records.

Registry for OT: Refers to employee’s all working overtime which is  this time to assign employee shift must pass through the registration or  the verification only ,then it take effective.

In current arrange shift under the option to be allowed to examine this  employee’s  entire  shift,  may  add  and  delete  change  employee’s  shift.
Click  “6“add key, the following interface appear:


All shifts and the shift Timetable display in  this interface. Chooses a  new  shift  from  these  shifts  which  have  been  set,  determine  its  Time  Range, single­click “OK” button to confirm the operation, single­click  “Cancel” button to give up operation, returns to the Arrange Employee  Shifts window. After arranges successfully, the corresponding shift name  will display in employee’s shift column, and time list can show on­duty  Time Period in the interface.

While a employee shift in Normal work hours, you can add a lot of item  of schedule. E.G.:
Starting date  stopping date                    shift
03­3­1                    03­5­30                      springs
03­6­1                    03­9­1                        summers

3. Auto­ assign timetable 
If  assignment  employee  shifts  or  changing  shifts  schedule  is  too  frequently, and there is not the rule to follow, auto­ assigning employee  shifts is available, auto­ assign employee shift refers to employee does  not has fixed shift schedule in the definite time, but he /she has the Time  Attendance record, the system may automatically judge the Time Period  which  record  belong  to.  After  choosing  the  auto­assigning  employee  shift, the following interface appears:

The auto­assignment employee’s shift function is that, while employee  who  does  not  assign  shift  to  Time  Period,  but  he/she  has  attendance  record, the system will can define automatically the Time Period. This  function main use in more changes shifts.

Least time for Auto­assign: Choose the least time for auto­assign, the  least time for auto­assign employee shifts refer to after you have set the  time,  for  instance  1  day,  the  system  only  could  not  carry  on  the judgment by the shift Time Period until the time which the employee  has not arranged in groups is more than 1 day, otherwise did not judge.

Used  timetable: This  employee  possibly shift  Timetable,  single­click”9“button, the choice shift Timetable appears, these shift Timetable are the name list of the set shift which have already been set in shift  management. Interface as follows Left­click  shift  names  that  select  from  display  shift  name  list  add  selected shift. If want to cancel shift where there are used period of time, first define  period  of  time,  click  on  button, it  will be canceled.  Show below:

After set up, click on “OK” to save setup, click on “Cancel” to give up  action, return attendance setting label

4. Employee temporary shifts
If  one  (or  several)  employee  needs  to  change  his/her  work  hours  temporarily, his/her shift can be arranged temporarily. Select employee,  if  you  want to  select a  lot  of  employees,  can  hold  down  “Ctrl”  key,  simultaneously click employee or use all choice button, click Employee temporary  arrangement button”13 “,  pop  up  dialog  box, win dow is following:


Click  “OK”  button,  enter  temporary schedule,  click  “Cancel”  button,  return Schedule Employee’s AC window. First definite schedule hour,then  click  on  Add  Time  Period  button”15”  ,  popup  the  following window:


Select shift category for this time period on the window of Add Shift  Time Period, and select data for adding this  period. The  operation
method is the same in Maintenance Shift Schedules to add period of  time.  Click  “OK”  button,  to  save Time  Period  or  click  “Cancel”  to  cancel the action. If select Night (20:00­06:00), select all day, then click  “OK” button to save, and return Schedule Employee’s AC window. The  temporarily  schedule  will  appear  in  the  shift  schedule  list.  Show  as  below:


Before  saving  this  Temporary  Shift,  be  allowed  to  select  the  Time Period, press  “19“key to delete it, Press button to delete all Time Periods, click  button to save it. If this temporary shift you add  have  been  saved,  press    button  to  cancel  temporary  shifts during this period.

5. Shift schedule regularly change

There shift schedule regularly change that exist in most company, how  to arrange the shift schedule regularly change, To handle various Shift  schedule regularly change is a software’s strong function.

Here ,illustrate change shift method with four shifts three times change a  week, example ,there are A, B, C, D four shifts, working hours schedule  are divided into, a.m shift, p.m shift, night shift, three  Timetable, the  application  beginning  date  is  1.  As  before  instruction  finish  the  operation, the following window appear


Employee working hours schedule list:


From  schedule  list,  the  regular  are  fund,  cycle  of  all  employee  work  hour is four day. so, A, B, C, D four shifts’ s four day working hours are  divided into four shifts. Other shift follows the instruction.


Time Range: Refers to show all employees schedule time  which day  start, and which day end Timetable in the below rolling region.


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