2.2.7 Holidays Maintenances

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In the legal holiday, according to the related laws and regulations the  employee will take the leave, the employee will be unable to Attendance  for this period, in usually situation, if employee has not checked record,  these employee will be regard as absent from work without an excuse by  the system, moreover also the employee holiday working overtime will  be unable to take effective in the computation, according to this kind of  situation  properly  set  management  system.  Choose  the  Holiday  List  sub­item  under  Maintenance/Options  menu,  opens  the  Holiday  List  maintenance window, show as below:


This  interface  is  mainly  divided  into  the  Holiday  List  and  tool  column  option  of  the  Holiday  List  maintenance.  May  add,  delete,  and modify the Holiday List through maintenance tool column.

Add: Click  “2“button, a blank which is used to add information appears in  the  holiday  list  module.  Input the Holiday  Name,  the  Holiday  Time,  and  the  Holiday  Length  into  the  corresponding  blank. Following figure:


Note: when input holiday time, the format you input is 01/01/11,  after input, the default format 1/1/2011.

After correctly input the information that wants to be added, click  “4“button to save this information.

Delete:  Click”5”   button  to  delete  the  holiday  information  which does not need to use.

Edit: When need to adjust to the holiday time which has been added,may click  button”6“, to edit holiday information. Then click “4“button to save the information which has been edited. After adding the holiday list, while assign employee shift, the system  cannot schedule these Timetable. Because assign employee shift record  does  not  exist,  therefore,  set  holiday  period,  in  the  Time  Attendance  report  form,  the  system  cannot  count  this  period  of  time  the  Time  Attendance. If in holiday period had the employee to carry on the Time  Attendance registration, counted in the Time Attendance report form for  this employee freely working overtime


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