2.2.8 Leave Setting

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It is possible that when employee encounters the serious problem and  needs to ask for leave, cause the different reason, asking for leave can be  automatic statistic in the system. This system  provides with the leave  kind  of  maintenance  function,  click “Leaving  Class”  in  down­drag  menu, following window pop up.


The  system  provides  three  kinds  of  ordinary  default  leave:  Sick,  Vacation, Other, they can be deleted and edited. Click “2“button to  add the new common kind of leave.

Add: Click “2“button to add the new common kind. In the right side  module  may  define  Leave  Class  Name,  Statistical  rule,  and  performance  way  of  this  leaves in  the  report and  whether  counts  for  asking for leave. After filling this blank, click “3”  button to save, or  click button to abandon current operation.  While this process, the information which needs to add as follows:
Leave Class Name:A name which takes for this kind of leave.

Statistical  rule:  The  certain  rule  in  the  Time  Attendance  report  for  counting the leave.

The kind of leave statistics rule: Min­unit, Round off control, Acc. By  times, Round at Acc.

The  min­unit  is  the  smallest  unit  of  measurement  for  leave.  The  common unit is Workday, Hour, Minute; there are several kinds of units  of measurement in the working day. Shown as following figure.


The Round­off control refers to if the hour of the leaves is not integer  in the attendance report while we calculate Time Attendance record , in  order  to  get convenience  in  the  computation  of  the  Time  Attendance  statistics,  provides  with  one  computing  mode.  Round  up,  round  off,  Round down.

Acc. by times refers to this leaves statistics way in the Time Attendance  report: The employee asks for leave in a period of time by the number of  times which asking for leave takes the computing mode. If chooses this  option, then the computation of the Time Attendance calculation does  not comply with min­unit and the round control in the statistical rule.  Shown as following figure


Round at Acc is to accumulate all time of this project and converts it  into the  corresponding statistical unit, then  depending  on the smallest  unit to setup the method for rounding off.

Symbol  in  report  is  the  symbolic  representation  way  of  this  leaves  appears in the report while print report.

Count  to  leave  refers  whether  set  this  leaves  for  asks  for  leave.  Attention, if  put tick in this  option, then the  date  of asking for leave  which is newly added will statistic as the asking for leave in the this leave computation of Time Attendance report.

Deletion: Be allowed to delete a leaves. Selects a leave name which needs to be deleted, click button to delete it.

Edit: Edit leaves. Select the leave name which needs to edit, click  “8” button; modify the leave in the right side frame.


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