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When an employee business trip or ask for leave are unable to attend  Normal attendance, in order to ensure end statistic result is correct, it is  required  that utilize  the  function  to  set. Click  “Employee leaving  on  business/Asking  for  leave”  command  on  menu,  the  window  is  following:
1The option page of Employee Leaving on Business/Asking for leave  may be divided into two pages that are the Day View and List View.  The situation of Employee Leaving on Business/Asking for leave is  able to be set in the Day View pagination.

Department:  Through  this  drag–down  box  user  can  examine  and  to  choose  each  department,  the  default  department  in  the  system  is  the  main corporation.

Employee: through this  drag­down box user can examine and choose  the employee from each department, default employee by the system is  “Completely”. When view the lot of record, may set option for employee  business trip employee/ ask for leave by a department.

Note: the employee is in “Completely” by default, be unable to add  the employee business trip /asking for leave.

Employee list: The employees selected from the Employee option box  are displayed in the employee list.

Leaves view: through the view all leaves name which exist this system  will be shown. Double­click name of leaves, may choose the color to  distinguish the leaves.

Time Range: Is same with the majority module in beginning and ending  time,  all  is  used  to  determine  some  Time  Period,  provide  user  with  convenient to inquiry.

Report:  Determined  beginning  and  ending  time,  click  this  button  to  produce the employee business trip /asking for leave data sheet which  display by the report.
2Export: Export the related record of all asking for leave in period of  time into a folder by the text or the list, for detailed operation, please  sees also 3.7 to export the data.

Inquiry: This inquiry way is to demonstrate the record of all employees  asking  for  leave  by  the  list  in  period  of  time,  this  function  link  with  “List” page label, when click this button, system will automatically jump  to the page label, display the record of asking for leave by list. Shown as  follow
3Add: Add a record of business trip/ asking for leaves for an employee,  there are two methods to add leaving on business or asking leave

1)  One  way:  After  selecting  departments,  employee  and  date/time,  left­click on the box of Select Set Asking­for­leave Time, and hold, drag  to draw a time period bar, and then loosen the left button of the mouse,  and the following dialog box of Select Leave Types will pop:  B
4Choose leave type as Affair from the selected style box, type reason in  the  cause box,  or not to  do, click “OK” button to save adding leave,  click  “Cancel”  button  to  cancel  all  action,  after,  the  window  is  following.
52) Another Way : Click 6  button from tools column,  determine
Time Range, choose the leave type, and input Reason in the reason box,  click  “OK”  button  to  save,  or  click  “Cancel”  button  to  abandon  the  operation, the pop­up window is following:
Edit: You can edit one asking –for leave time period on the window.

Method one: You may move the cursor of the mouse to one end of the  asking­for­leave  time  bar,  and  when  the  cursor  changes  to 8 ,  right­click  and  hold,  drag  the  mouse  to edit  asking­for­leave  time,  or  move  the  cursor  to  the  asking­for­leave  bar,  and  when  the  cursor  changes  to  9,  click  left  key  of  mouse,  hold  and  drag  to  move  the  asking­for­leave time as a whole.

Method two: If you want to modify accurate time, and when the cursor
changes to 9  , double­left­click or click ” 10 ” button on the setup window.
The following dialog box will appear.


Choose the date, time, leave style, then type into asking leave reason, click “OK” button to save setup , click “Cancel” button to cancel the action. After saving, the window appears as before way
Delete: If you want to delete one item setup, e.g. just Click  12 button
asking­for­leave will be deleted, Shown as following figure.

Click “Yes” button to delete this item, or click “No” button to abandon  the action; or  you  can left­click  on the “Asking­for­leave” bar, which  wants to cancel, then click “Del” key on the keyboard to delete.

Batch deletion: Delete the leave records of employees in batches. Click this button, and the system displays a dialog box about the time range of batch deletion. Select a time range for batch deletion, and click “OK.” button.

When you add leaving on business time period, and if this time period  overlap exited time period, the following caution box will appear
14Click “OK” button, the operation is invalid.
After setting, the added asking for leave/ business trip is invalid currently. After you add the record of business trip/asking for leave successfully, then the shift detailed situation will belong to the exceptional case in the Time Attendance report, the situation of business trip /asking for leave will display in other unusual situations, default business trip/asking for leave take effective, system can directly compute the Time Attendance record , be allowed to business trip and asking for leave in here the verification, verifies for invalid, then does not count in the report has verified for is invalid the time which business trip/asks for leave.

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