2.3.2 Handle Employee’s Forgetting to Clock In/Out

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Handle Employee’s Forgetting to Clock In

If one employee forgets to check in due for some cause, this function of  Forgetting  to  Clock  In  can  be  used  to  add  a  clock­in  record.  Click  “Forgetting to Clock In/Out” under the menu of Attendance, and the  following dialog box will pop­up:


You first select department and employee, and choose the record style  you add, Set record the date and time, click “Add” button to add a new  clock­-in record

When a new record has been added, the “Add” button becomes gray and  invalid. But it will become bright and valid again after the employee has  been changed to another one, or the clock­out time has been changed.

Click the close button  “2“to close this dialog box and return to the main menu.

There are many select statuses of not only clock­in and clock­out, but  also other option in select box. The type of choice box is allowed to  choose the condition that not only has clocking in and clocking out, but  also includes other options, if had to operate other types only to need to  choose the different type , other types step of operation and    handle the  employee  forget  checking    the  sequence  of  operation  to  be  same,  interface as follows:


If need to handle all employees to forget clocking­in, click Select All button  “4” , shown as following figure:


Press  Unselect  button  “6“,  the  cursor  to  return  to  the  previous condition  before  clicks  Select  All  with  mouse.  If  there  are  lot  of  employee, this module has provided with the function to inquiry to the  employee,  the  operating  procedure  is  in  the  employee  view  directly  input employee’s register number,  the name, the name Pinyin as well as the name Pinyin first letter, press the “Enter” key or left click “7“with the mouse. If want to inquiry employee named Simon, with name  Pinyin first letter method inquiry, shown as following figure:


The goal which after press the enter key or the left key click on inquiry
symbol  “7“appears must search.

Handle Employee’s Forgetting to Clock Out

If one employee forgets to clock­ out due to some special reasons, this  function of handle employee forgetting to clock­out can be used to add a  clock­out record, the operation process is the same with operation of to  employee forgetting to clock­in. See up part.


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