2.3.3 Coming Late /Leaving Early Collectively

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1. Coming late collectively 

If  part  or  the  entire  employees  of  one  department  come  late,  this  function can be used to modify employee clock­in time, click “Coming  late  collectively”  on  the  down  drag  of  Attendance  menu,  and  the  following dialog box will pop up:
1In the department option, select the department to which the employee who come late collectively belong and then click the employee of your choice in the employee option box, if you want to choose employee more than one, you can click the mouse while press “Ctrl” key. Click Select All button “4“ to select all employees, click unselect all button “ 6“ to call off all selected employee.

Selected style consists of “Coming late” or “Leaving early“, when you  select, only lift­click on item you select.

Neglect clockin record means to neglect selected employee all clockin record during the time period is defined by the From time box and the To time box.

Clock-­in  time  after  modification  means  the  time  of  the  clock­in  records to be adds in.

Click “OK” button to delete all neglect clockin records or add clockin record after modification, and to return the main menu.

Click “Cancel” to abandon this action and return main menu.

2. Leaving early collectively 
If part or all of the employee of one department leaving early with reason , this function can be used to modify employee clockout time, the operation process is the same with to handle coming late collectively , it is only to select leaving early collectively.

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