2.4.1 Attendance Record

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This module is used to inquiry all employee attendance record which is  downloads from the device, the computation of all attendance statistical  bases on this record.

Click  “Attendance  Record”  sub­item  on  the  main  window  of  “Search/Print” and the following window will pop up


1. Search
1)only search attendance record

Department: Display all departments in this unit.

Employee: Display all employees in this unit; through drag­down box  choice needs to inquire sub­item.

Time Range: Determine time scope that needs to inquire.

Search:  Choose  the  department,  employee,  and  determine  the  time  range,  then  single­click  “Search”  button,  the  result  in  lower  part  the  window  to  show  the  employee’s  of  your  choice  attendance  record  in  period of time will display in result box in low side of windows.


List has the department name, Name, No., Data/Time, Location ID, ID  Number etc eight fields. The user also may choose the attendance statue,  and the working code.

Display Statue: The attendance statue will display in list. “Clock –in/out  so on”

In order to distinguish the clocking in and clocking out, this module give  clocking­in and clocking­out with the different displaying color

Note: When device does not have the condition key, then attendance  condition completely display as clock­in.

If  needs  to  revise  the  displaying  color  for  the  clocking  –in  and  the  clocking out record , with the mouse single­click left­key on the color code block, pop up choice box of the color, choose the properly color,  save it .

Display Work code: Display work code in this row.

Note:  The work code is a symbol to differentiate the employee different classes of working; only the device has the work code function the machine (need to custom­made) only able to demonstrate the corresponding symbol.

Support simple calc: After selecting a interface, be allowed to see that  some software simply class process the original record in this interface,  completely show employee’s record by the day


2) Attendance for photo
If  the  software  features  is  designed  to  support  for  attendance  photos  function,  when  search  employee  attendance  checking  records,employee’s the attendance photos is available to see at the same time in  View the attendance records interface


If the options Display Images is taken by tick in the Application List  click on an attendance record, if there is a the corresponding attendance  photos, the system will be displayed.

2. Preview and print

The  module  provide  user  with  convenience  to  view  the  time  &attendance report, print, save and so on. Operation step as following

Click  “Preview”  button  to  preview  report  in  user’s  favor,  shown  as  following:

(1) Attendence Records (4 Columns)


(2) Attendence Records


For printing report, only need to left click on the Printing button “7“ in  report left side.
3. Export
(Please refer to appendices 3.6 Export Data)

4. High­level exports

This  function  is  equipped  with  exporting  data  that  has  the  strictly  requirement, here will be allowed to export attendance record depending  on  the  user  setting.  For  detailed  operation  please  see  appendix  3.7  Advanced Export.

5. Modify Log

If the use has revised the original Time Attendance record, the system  provides a convenient way to inquiry the Time Attendance record which  has been revised, and reverses the disoperation. Click  “Modify  Log”  button,  enter  “Record  changing  Logs”  window,  shown as following interface:


1) Search 
The  search  method  and  to  search  the  record  of  user’s  attendance  is  similar.  After  choosing  the  department, the employee,  determined  the  Time Range, single­click “Search” button, the result in lower part the  window to show the employee of your choice the modified attendance  record  in  period  of  time  will  display  in  result  box  in  low  side  of  windows.


2) Preview 
The content of list to preview and print is available. Click “Preview”  button to view the report style, shown as following:


3) Export
Single­click  “Export”  button,  may  search  result  to  export  file,  the  operating procedure and the attendance record to export are completely  same.

4) Restore records 
Some times, as a result of the disoperation or the actual situation change, user has to abolish modified to the Time Attendance record, by now through function to restore record the to realize. Only select the record list which must be restored, single­click the restore record to completes, then inquire it again, may get this record of attendance


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