2.5.4 Import AC Data 

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To  import attendance  record  to  another  machine  or  old  record  to  the  current attendance software, click this command on the menu and this  operation window will pop up:


1. Import from Files
All information of original database can be import to Attendance system  database file; to import attendance clock/in employee attendance data is  imported.  Select import from USB flash­disk, click “Import” following windows  pup­up:

2. Import from database
Import from database means to import attendance data from attendance  database  backups,  and  the  data  include  employee  information,  shift  information,  clock­in  records,  etc.  You  can  import  the  data  from  databases of previous version, or databases of the same version. For the  data format of database files of versions previous to 1.2 differs from that  of  Version  1.2X,  if  the  version  of  the  database  file  that you  want  to  import is below 1.2 (Not including 1.2), please select versions before1.2  option;Otherwise please select 2.2 x options.

Note: Before importing data, if it is unnecessary to remain the data  in  your  system,  please  first  select  initialize  the  system.  This  is  because if some data remaining in the current system overlap with  the data that will import, errors will appear when importing data,  and data’s importing speed will slow down.

Click versions1.2 or version 1.2x button, and a file manager will pop up.  Enter the path and file name of the database to import, and click “Open“,  the system will import data automatically.  If your database is SQL Server database, you can click button to begin  settings. For detailed information please refer to Database Setup.  After importing data, click  “2“to go back to the main menu.


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