2.6.3 Unlock Combination 

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Definition of unlock combination function

Unlock combination is the direct expression for controlling unlock. For  example, if you want that all registered users cannot unlock door, then  set Unlock Combination to null.

Definition of  unlock combination is  defined to different combinations  that can unlock door, and each combination consists of different groups.  Unlock combination directly uses group number and does not consider  order  for  identifying  user  between  each  group.  For  example,  “123”  means door will only be unlocked when at least one user in each group  of Group 1, Group 2 and Group 3 passes identification together with  other  two  users.  “4”  means  door  will  be  unlocked  when  one  user  in  Group 4 passes identification together with other two users. System can  define up to 10 unlock combinations at the same time and door will be  unlocked  as  long  as  one  of  these  10  unlock  combinations  passes  identification.

Concrete step show as below:
1. Click Unlock Combination sun­item, under door manage menu, the  following window will popup:


2. Edit: Click on the one which need to be edited, show as below:


3. Select group through the drop­down list, show as below:


4. If forget what you  had defined, you can click Group Detail button
4“to see the detail. Show as below:


5. After setting, click “Save” button to save.


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