2.6.4 Access Control Privileges 

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Access Control privilege mainly applies to user access control setting: if  a user whose personal No. is assigned as 1, 2, 3, 4, and is distributed to  No.1 device in the default period time, likes as follow, add user to right  list first, then add device to right side list. Click “Allows passing”.

Set up the Access Control Privilege when a user belong a group

1. Click Access Control Privilege sub­item,  under the door manage  menu on the left tool bar. Enter the “Access Control privilege” interface  such as shown.


2. Click on “Edit Privilege” button and enter the Access Control  Privilege to edit the interface, shown such following.

3. Default users belong to Group 1, if need be assigned to other user  groups, the need for users to re­allocation group. Here we illustrate: ID 1  user assigned to Group 1  First selected ID 1 user, shown as following.

4. Click on the “Set Group” button and enter the group setting interface,  select group 2.

5. Through the  above  steps, the  users will be  assigned  to  the  second  group, shown as following.

6. Follow the 3­5 steps, set up the group those users respective. After the
setting completed, through the tool bar’s button, a single or all of users  will be moved to the right critical areas, waiting for the Privilege setting.  Shown as following, move the ID1 user to the right list:

7. In the machine list choose the machine that need to upload Privilege,  and then move to the critical region, waiting for Privilege setting. Show  as below:

8. After users and machine is selected, click on  button,
the group Time zone which is used by user in the critical periods will be  assigned to the selected devices. After distribution is successful, prompt  will appear shown as following

9. On the “User Access Control Privilege” interface, click button
and enter the Access Control Privilege Setting interface and synchronize  set  up  information  of  user  groups  will  display  in  the  list.  Show  as
following, machine 2 in the ID 1 user group 1 Time zone.

Set up the Access Control Privilege when a user do not use group
1. If a user belongs to the group, but she/he does not use group Time  zone, then in the User AC Privilege setting interface, select the Time  zone to be used, shows as below, ID 21 users belong to the third group,  but she does not use group 3 Time zone, and use the 1,2,4 Time zone.

2. After complete setting, click button and then click
button on the “User AC Privilege” interface. Enter the Access Control  Privilege  setting  interface  and  synchronize  set  information  of  user  groups will display in the list. Show as following ID 21 user use group 3  Time zone, the non­use group, but use 1,2,3 Time zone.

Delete the User Access Control Privilege
1. After choose the user who will ready to be deleted and his group ,  move  their  to  the  critical  areas,  and  moved  equipment  whose  the  Privilege will be deleted to the critical, shown as below, delete the ID 1  user, who use the Group 2 Time zone.

2. Click on the  button, the group Time zone the user use
will be deleted in critical area from the selected equipment. After deleted  successfully, the system will prompt. Show as below.

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