3.10 Check New Version

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The  software  provides  a  software  version  upgrade  function.  This  function  can  be  a  timely  examination  of  the  software  version,  and  update.

The specific steps are as follows
1. On the Regular pagination of System Options, setting the Update  URL  as  http://cn.zksoftware.com:82/update/ZKTime5.inf .  Show  as  below:


2. After complete set, click “OK” button to save. Click the Check New  Version sub­item under the Help menu, will connecting to the updated  server, and then search whether have new version. If have new version,  it will display on the window, show as below:


3.  Select  this  update  package,  and  then  click  “Next”  button,  the  following window will popup:3

As shown in Figure, displays update process. It’s will take some minutes,  please be patient. After success, the following window will popup:


4. Click “Next (N)” button, close the software and auto update system.  After  update,  click  the  About  sub­-item  under  the  Help  menu.  The  following window wills popup:


As shown in Figure, update successful.

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