3.5 Data Table Tool Bar 

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The  Data  sheet  Process  Tool  Bar  contains  the  following  operation  buttons:


In the data sheet, the row marked with 28-04-2014 14-32-25 symbol is the current row and  all operations for

he sheet is conducted in the current row.Click button to carry out corresponding operation for the data sheet.First: To move the current row to the first row.Previous: To move the current row one row upward.Next: To move the current row one row downward.
Last: To move the current row to the last row.
Add: To add a new row in which new data can be entered in and the current row is the new row.
Delete: To delete the current row.
Edit: To modify the data in the current row.
Save: To save the data after edition or in the newly added row.
Cancel: To cancel the result of adding a new row or editing the data. Under the status of adding or editing, the result of moving data will be automatically saved.
In the data sheet, click on the row to select it, and select multiple rows by pressing ”Ctrl” and clicking at the same time when possible. The selected rows will change to blue.

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