3.8 Downloading Photos Automatically 

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When the PC is connected to an 8­inch color­screen device, set the  server  on  the  8­inch color­screen  device  and  connect  the  8­inch  color­screen  device  to  the  Internet.  Start the attendance  management  software on the PC, and the software automatically detects the device  and downloads the photos taken on the device. The detailed operation is  as follows:

1.  Connect  the  PC  and  the  device  to  the  Internet  respectively,  or  ensure that both of them are in the same LAN.

2. Choose Menu > Communication device > Other settings on the  device.  Set the Web  server  to  the  IP  address  of  the  server  where  the  photos will be saved.


3. Open the attendance records on the device (Note: The device must  be configured to take photo of and save the attendance records) and take  photo of the attendance records.

4.  Start  the  attendance  management  software,  choose  Maintenance/Options­>System Options, and select Display Photo in  the Regular pagination.


5.Select Transaction Photo Record of using Http in the Extend Function pagination. Ensure that the port settings are consistent with  Web port settings on the device. Finally, click “OK” button to save, as  shown in the following figure.


6.The attendance management software automatically detects the online device, and displays the latest attendance records and photos in the main interface, as shown in the following figure.


7.You  can  also  query  the  latest  records  and  photos  from  the  attendance  records:  1) Connect  the  device  first,  2)  Download  the  attendance  records,  3)  Open  the attendance records,  4)  Finally  select  Display the images photographed by the device. Then, you can see  the details of each record, including the images. In the image list, you  can click an image to view the enlarged image.


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