6.7.5 Access control parameter 

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Through  the  [Access]  menu,  you  can  set  the parameters  of  the  electronic  locks  and  related access control devices.
Lock Delay: Indicates the duration for the device to place the electric lock in open state. (Value scope: 1­10 seconds)
Door  Sensor  Delay:  Indicates  the  delay  for checking the door sensor after the door is opened. If door  sensor  state  is  inconsistent  with  the  normal state set by the door sensor switch, an alarm will be triggered, and this period of time is regarded as the “door sensor delay”. (Value scope: 1­99 seconds)
Door Sensor Mode: Includes the None, Normally Open (NO), and Normally Closed (NC) modes. “None” indicates that the door sensor switch is not used. “NO”  indicates  that  the  door  sensor  is  open  in  the  normal  state.  “NC” indicates that the door sensor is closed in the normal state.
Alarm Delay: Indicates the duration from the detection of the door sensor exception to the generation of alarm signal. (Value scope: 1­99 seconds)
Failure Alarm Threshold: When the failed press times reach the set times, alarm signal will come out (effective value: 1­9 times).
NC Time Zone: Set time zone for access control NC. Nobody can unlock during this time zone.
NO Time Zone: Set time zone for access control NO. The lock is always in valid state during this time zone.
Valid in Holiday: Define time zone for NO or NC. Whether the time zone set in holiday time zone is valid.

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5-22-2014 5-26-22 PM Notice: 1. If the Time Zone of normally open or normally closed has been set, please switch door sensor to no, otherwise it will produce alarm signal during Normal close Time Zone or Normal open Time Zone. 2. If the normally open or normally closed Time Zone is not defined yet by the time,  the  equipment  will  prompt  that  you  to  define  the  Time  Zone,  and transfer you to the Time Zone interface to add.

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