6.7.7 Anti­Pass back setting 

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Set the device Anti­Pass back function.
APB  Direction:  There  are  four  options:  None, APB­Out, APB­In, APB­Out/In.
Device  Status:  There  are  three  options:  Exit Control, Entry Control and None. For  Anti­Pass  back  function,  please  refer  to Appendix 5 Anti­Pass back.

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Anti­Pass back setting operation:
 Enter Anti­Pass back setting interface, press the key to edit the items.
(2) Press the touch screen number key to set the value, after setting, press [OK] to save, and press [X] for exit and return to the previous interface.
(3) Press [Save] to save the current information and return to the previous interface;  press  [Exit]  directly  to  return  to  the  previous  interface  without saving the current information.

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